Across the country, companies and workers face an unprecedented situation. For more than two months, the country has been following new measures known as social distancing to help lower the rate of spread of COVID-19. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently recommended that everyone should wear a cloth face mask while in public.

While many industries have transitioned to working from home to enable their employees to practice social distancing with ease, other industries have had to continue business as usual—while trying to follow CDC safety guidelines. As new recommendations emerged, many workers have been unable to find protective gear such as face masks. The SmartLift team recognized this supply issue and stepped up to fill that need by making 750 masks available to glaziers across the country using SmartLift glass lifting machines.

“At SmartLift US, our mission is glazier safety. When we saw an opportunity to provide the glaziers with face masks to help keep them working we jumped at the opportunity. As we all continue to work through this, we hope everyone can stay safe and healthy,” said Don Brooks, CEO of SmartLift.