Although the world is hunkering down for the most part construction HAS BEEN given the green light to continue. As a business owner these are some of the most difficult times you or any owner will ever have to face. Talking to many people in the industry over the past few days we have conclude that everyone in the glazing industry is going to experience one or all the following over the next few weeks or months. 


The New Normal in Glazing:

Limited Workers due to flu or flu type symptoms

Limited Amount of men and women on the job

Possible loss upcoming project due to funding

Trying to keep your best installers in house 

GC and Owners pushing for projects to stay on timeline


How to maximize the profits on every project?

If these are all the new “normal” the old way of installing glass and windows will no longer get the job done. For this reason, we have worked very hard with our lending partners at Unifi Equipment Leasing to put a program in place to make it easy for the industry to change with the times.

Starting today 3/23/2020 SmartLift US is offering 90 days deferred payment leasing program at a rate of 3.99% through our partners at Unifi Equipment Financing.

For Pre Approval -

If there was ever a time to work smarter, work safer and work more efficiently the time is now.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.